Saturday, 15 November 2008

The Vernacular

The Vernacular is a part of Documentary, which is my favorite style of photography. Out of whole documentary genre I have chosen forensic photography a fundament for my project. Idea for it came to my mind after a little bit of research. I was inspired by police crime scenes photographers working in United States in the beginning of 20th century.

My idea was to do series of portrait where models were lying on a surface in a pose of a dead body but being completely alive and completely emotional. I am planning that as a long going project which will involve a lot of interesting, unusual people, shot on a various backgrounds.

While giving a birth to the idea I have found a very interesting branch of modern fashion being partly inspired by forensic. A couple of really amazing photosessions/projects made in this style their aim was to bring a taste of death, brutality, fear of forensics to the fashion. Dead bodies and scenes do catch the interest of people. That is pretty weird but there is a plenty of examples: Lenin’s mummy on the Red Square in Moscow, popularity of Rotten Com, horror movies.

High Fashion Crime Scene series are very alike with the concept of my ides. I was trying to get the association causing images. I want the viewer to see the connection between my art works and those images made by USA forensic policeman photographers.

Kit: Bronica SQ-Ai, Fuji Color Pro 400, 50 mm f/3,5, photo tripod, Photoshop CS3, Lightroom

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